The nutritious and versatile egg.  A food staple of millions.  How do you eat yours?  There are so many recipes for eggs, boiled, fried, poached, baked etc and many recipe variations for these basic cooking approaches.  

Growing up my mam used to boil eggs for my dad and put them into a cup, mash them with butter, salt and pepper and then he would eat them from the cup or put them on bread or toast.  It was a regular breakfast in our house.  After moving away from Dublin, I continued to eat my beloved breakfast in foreign climes. It was met with the same hostility by most people who encountered me and my breakfast, whether it was New Zealand, Australia, or indeed other Irish counties.   I have had many comments about the idea of mashing an egg up in a cup, mostly negative, but I have met other Dubs who know and love their Dublin Eggs! It seems it is a Dublin thing, so I felt obliged to share it with the wider world!

Even with the initial negative reaction, I have had many converts from people who were hostile to the simple yet delicious start to the day after they have tried it.  So, I encourage you to give it a go … you won’t regret it.

Leave a comment if you are someone who grew up with this breakfast or if you are someone who has just tried it!

Dublin Eggs

2 eggs boiled (boiled to individual preference, hard or soft)
knob of butter (Irish butter is always salted)

1. De-shell eggs while hot and place in a cup or mug
2. Break eggs up with fork or spoon
3. Add butter and mix together
4. Add salt and pepper to taste
5. Eat either straight from the cup or spread on fresh crusty bread or toast.