You Are What You Eat? Your Dog Is Too!!!

I want to share this with as many people who have dogs as possible who’s dogs may be experiencing what my dog was going through. I have a wonderful little Staffordshire terrier, she’s 11yrs old and up until fairly recently she has always been a very calm dog.  September last year she suddenly started to […]

Not The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!

Due to wheat intolerance I’ve been eating gluten-free for over 10 years and my biggest temptation is bread!  Crusty white bread is the biggest cause of me falling off the gluten-free wagon and that fall always ends in the thud of weeks of my body trying to fight the symptoms of wheat intolerance.  I have […]

2020 Vision

Everything is clear in hindsight. Every place you went wrong, what you should have said or done, or what you should not have said or done, all seem glaringly obvious from this vantage point.  Amazingly, we focus on the negative more than what we did or got right.  We look at what we can’t change, […]

The Battle of Sofa Hill!

Winter is upon us again and with it comes all the colds and sniffles of the season.  In the last week or two it seems like everyone around me has come down with some ailment or other and I myself fell to the dreaded invaders!  Sneezing, sore throat, pain in my head and a temperature […]

Winter Warmers!

Soups are always a winner on cold winters days. Who can resist the warm soothing hug of a hearty bowl of your favourite soup served up with some warm buttered crusty bread. As I was rummaging around in my old cook books I came across these two soups guaranteed to warm you and your family […]

PC Wallpapers

So I’m learning something new again! This year has been a great year for new things for me. I’m attempting to learn how to us Gimp to edit pictures and artwork and make screen wallpapers for my PC. I’m learning at home with a kind of trial and error approach, but I am enjoying it […]

Dellamarie’s Malted Bread Loaf

I have always loved the idea of homemade bread, and the aroma it produces in your home is so inviting that I have played around with making my own bread for many many years now. I have done it all from homemade Irish Soda bread to the much more time consuming sourdoughs. Eventually I got […]

Dublin Eggs

The nutritious and versatile egg.  A food staple of millions.  How do you eat yours?  There are so many recipes for eggs, boiled, fried, poached, baked etc and many recipe variations for these basic cooking approaches.   Growing up my mam used to boil eggs for my dad and put them into a cup, mash them […]

The Ultimate Comfort Food – Chocolate Brownie

One of the most delicious & rewarding foods I believe has to be a rich dark sticky chocolate brownie!  I don’t make them very often anymore since my children have flown the nest because I am at real danger of eating the whole pan myself!  So, they have been consigned to times when we are […]

On Your Bike!

I haven’t been on a bike since July 1995!  Long, long time ago!   It was 2 months after the birth of my second daughter and I wanted to get back into being active so up on the bike I hopped.  I went out on the busy road only to discover that in the year since […]